Gift Box Included!

The Original EDGY Wine wine foil cutter is the premier wine foil cutting tool. Made with a durable cover, the blades are surgically sharp, allowing the Edgy Wine cutting tool to make clean, crisp cuts each and every time. You won't get any unwanted foil pieces and scraps all over the place with this baby. The foil will remove neatly and easily. Plus, the blades will never wear out! They stay sharp. One cut and the foil is sliced! Beautiful gift box included! Your Edgy Wine foil cutter comes with an embossed foil logo on top of the box making this a highly attractive gift box for any occasion! Any one who drinks wine will absolutely love the Edgy Wine premium wine foil cutter.

The Original Premium Wine Foil Cutter

* Perfectly removes wine bottle foil tops. No more    knife scraping.
* Quick and easy. Just a simple quarter turn of the    wrist.
* Strong and durable
* 4 razor sharp stainless steel cutting wheels that    never dull
* Stunning foil stenciled packaging. Perfect gift!
* Fine addition to any wine lovers collection
* Great for bars and restaurants




Black with Gold Stenciled Red Box



Red with Gold Stenciled Black Box


Wood Grain with Gold Stenciled White Box


Gift Box Included!

Gift Box Included!

Here’s what our customers say...


It cuts!

It cuts well, it looks good, what the heck more do you want?

By Mambo Number Fly


Works Perfectly!

I have a very expensive wine opening set that I received as a gift. The foil cutter on it is is virtually useless. I bought this little, inexpensive cutter that was highly rated and it does the job quickly and easily! A great, inexpensive house gift if you are visiting someone. I have one in my car too!

By Lerns


Gave the foil cutter as a Christmas gift!

The recipient uses the foil cutter almost every day. He loves it!

By Nancy


A necessary tool that works great

Works great and comes in a very nice gift box. I have owned foil cutters that worked well, and some that required some elbow grease to do the job. The Edgy works as advertised, a quarter turn and done due to the 4 sharp wheels that do the cutting. If you currently use the "knife" that is built into many corkscrews to cut the foil, or you try to remove the foil by using the end of the corkscrew, do yourself a favor and get one of these. Those other methods are both frustrating and dangerous to fingers -- not to mention that your dinner guests are waiting impatiently, wine glasses in hand, wondering if your choice of wine might be as bad as your choice of tools. What's next, a coat hanger to dig out the cork? Part of the joy of a good bottle rests in the presentation, so get an Edgy and look like a pro.

By Walter Simmons


Server at an Italian Restaraunt

So this does the job. Period. Done. One thing all of these wine foil cutters have in common is the make and mechanics. As long as the blades underneath are sharp enough, theyll do just fine. Its only when theyre dull or the wine bottles have foil thats really loose fitting that the cutting seems to not be as smooth.

I serve at an italian restaraunt so lottts of wine bottles, and this speeds up my process SO much. That and i never fully feel confident about my abilities cutting foil with a standard wine key in front of guests. Theres too kuch fumbling that can go wrong and not look professional. Only things to think about are 1. After you cut the fpil off, the foil stays in the cutter until you take it out so dont forget and wonder why your next bottle isnt openibg or is getting jammed.

By Mik


Works great and is a great gift

Great cutter; got this gift for my father and he who loves it! Looks classy with the Bakelite finish. My only concern with the design is that it could break if thrown in a travel bag



Waitress best friend

I’m a waitress in a fine dining restaurant and this makes opening the foil at a table so easy and perfectly cuts it to look nice. Makes bottle service one step easier and definitely worth the $10 you pay for the nice looking wood grain edgy tool.

By jamie liles


Highly Recommend

I seriously suggest picking this up if you have one of those all-in-one Rabbit type packages with the cork remover and foil cutter. The foil cutter from one of those all-in-ones finally died. So, I bought this expecting the same miserable cut I had been getting for years. WRONG! I was blown away by the EDGY foil cutter. Really, really good product. Highly recommend.

By Amazon Customer1967


Simply the best foil cutter ever!

I have looked for a foil cutter that doesn't disappoint me for 20 years. Edgy is the best foil cutter I have ever used. It remains sharp and effective for years. Most of the foil cutters out there either are dull to start with or quickly get that way. They often fall to pieces with the cutters falling off...most likely because we push too hard because they are dull. Edgy has been immune to all these disappointing problems and continues to work like the day I took it out of the box. Speaking of which, it comes in a terrific, high quality box which echos the contents. It makes a great little gift and all of the wine drinkers in my family are getting one for Christmas!

By MoparsRus



It isn't great, but it does a better job than this ...

Unfortunately this was a gift. I have one that is ten years old....came with a fancy corkscrew but of the same design. It isn't great, but it does a better job than this one. The Edgy works with a lot of effort and multiple back and forth turns.

By Kitty


Does the trick and I love the color!

We finally made it to our newly remodeled Tahoe retreat. Buried in one of the packed boxes we found our new Edgy Wine Foil Cutter, bought on Amazon for a fair price. Time to celebrate with our first bottle of wine. It was fun even to open the little gift box which I set aside for another use. I love that the wine cutter is bright red - easier to find in a drawer filled with other paraphernalia. So out comes the bottle of wine for the real acid test. A quick turn with my quite small hand did the trick. And a nice clean cut. It was actually easier than the Screwpull foil cutters I’ve used forever at our home. I would highly recommend this product. It would also make a nice host/hostess gift, with or without the proverbial bottle of wine.







“We back every Edgy Wine foil cutter with an unconditional 90-day money-back guarantee!”


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