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The Original EDGY WINE Premium Wine Foil Cutter for Wine Lovers.

Perfectly removes wine bottle foil tops quick and easy. Just a simple quarter turn of the wrist.

Strong and durable with 4 razor sharp stainless steel cutting wheels. Blades will never dull.

Leaves your wine bottle looking great and ready for cork removal. No more knife scraping.

Perfect home bar accessory or for a special occasion. Stunning foil stenciled packaging.

This premium wine foil cutter is a fine addition to any wine lovers accessory collection.

$9.97 Click HERE to buy BLACK on Amazon
UPC: 753807315289

The original EDGY Wine foil cutter is the premier wine foil cutting tool. Made with a durable cover, the blades are surgically sharp, allowing the EDGY to make a clean, crisp cut each and every time. You won't get any unwanted foil pieces and scraps all over the place with this baby. The foil will remove neatly and easily. Plus, the blades will never wear out! They stay sharp. One cut and the foil is sliced! Beautiful Gift Box Included! Your Edgy comes with an embossed foil logo on top of the box making this a highly attractive gift box for any occasion! Any one who drinks wine will absolutely love this high-quality foil cutter.

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Sold Exclusively on Amazon!

$9.97 Click HERE to buy RED on Amazon
UPC: 753807315289